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I regularly take taxis to jwa and lax. Often Its a task to load up my gear when im on tour, but most of the 8004mytaxi guys are very helpful at least holding the door open for me and or putting in luggage. They are on top of the ball for reservations and for those times i need a ride right away. Most importantly, they have newer very comfortable luxury chrysler minivans.


need to improve your service

called and asked for a taxi and the operator said it would be get to my house in 10 to 20 minutes so i waited and 50 minutes passed and the taxi never made it after that i called and asked the operater why the taxi was taking so long and she was rude so i just told her i didnt need the taxi anymore that i was going to call another taxi and she said "well if you didnt need our service why did you call"


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