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No show

Worst taxi service ever, which means they did not service me at all. Called them at least 5 times and waited for more than 2 hours before taking the bus... How can such a company be still in business?


Charged me Extra

Do not book a cab with yellow cab or metro taxi. Yes they arrived at my location and took me to where i needed to go, but I was over charged and they changed their prices. Took a cab a couple days it was $13.10 for a 3.6 mioe drive then today I tried it again 13.35. And the guy (driver) told me he charged me also due to traffic. Ridiculous $13 is a lot and uber is cheaper. This is a rip off from my hard earned money.


Resiculously late

Booked over an hour ago, I've called several times since and they still haven't even sent a driver. Worst cab experience I've ever had. How can this company be in business. I strictly using uber from now on.


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