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Worst Taxi company ever You call & they won't show up


Worst taxi cab company

My family and me have tried to get a handicapped accessible taxi from this place 4-5 times now for family events. Our mom has had to miss out on a lot of family events due to this taxi company not picking her up. We call days before the event happens and we get everything scheduled and then the day and ti.e comes and we do get a call from the taxi confirming the pick up but no one actually shows up to get her. The taxi company never calls us to say they couldn't go pick her up. My moms nurses at the facility that she is in calls us to tell us no one never came to pick her up. When we call to see what happened all we get in bs! This place is awful!


Hell no I won't go (with yellow cab)

Called, asked for pick up at 10:05. Told me driver would be here then. 10:10 I called again, told me they would try to find a driver, and had no guarantees of arrival time. Um, that's crap. 15 minutes later, still no sign.


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