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Live in Suffolk and would not send a taxi .... Worst company ever.... Do not use this company!


So Far, So Good

I'm glad to say that so far I've found these guys to be a very dependable and reliable cab company for the most part, I've used others and can't say the same about them. I've used them a few times within the past year or so and a few times the driver has had to wait for me or change my pick up time and date at the airport because my plane was late leaving suffolk or the flight times had changed and they have always accommodated me. There was a time that I had no way of letting the dispatcher/driver know and well they waited for me. The driver is always professional and finds a way to have conversations that make the ninety-minute drive home seem like five. Great service with reasonable pricing, always cost me less than $125 to finally get back home when I do and yes I will use them again.


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